Team Building

eams are a vital part of all successful organizations. This customized workshop includes the chartering, member selection, and implementation of project and business teams. This refined process provides rapid deployment of teams to deal with mission critical goals.

Greg Enos, who has extensive experience leading teams, will facilitate this workshop. He is Managing Principal of Time Communications Associates.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Produce a draft action plan for starting a team.
  • Explain three advantages of using a team.
  • Note the biggest challenge of leading a team.
  • Describe their team goal.
  • Identify the crucial team skill they need to refine.

Preparation for the workshop requires each participant to:

  • Identify the best team leader they ever worked with.
  • Recall their worst team experience.

Primary Audience: New team leaders, members.

Length: Six-twelve hours.