Sharpening Your Listening Skills

Listening is a critical skill that is frequently overshadowed by the perceived importance of speaking. Truly effective individuals develop an ability to listen effectively.

Listening skills can be improved, if people are willing. Participants will learn what their listening strengths are, build a focused action plan to increase personal listening skills, and enhance their overall communications effectiveness in this workshop.

Greg Enos, Managing Principal of Time Communications Associates, will facilitate this workshop.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe their listening strengths.
  • Cite what their primary listening style is.
  • Explain how their action plan will improve their effectiveness.
  • Note their biggest listening challenge.

Preparation for the workshop requires each participant to:

  • Write down the name of the best listener they have ever met.
  • Note the results of a bad listening experience.

Primary Audience: All organization members.

Length: Six-eight hours.