Delegating Decisively

Leaders can enhance their organization’s goal achievement through the true use of effective delegation. It can increase organizational productivity, develop staff, and lead to cost effective operations.

The critical elements of selecting the right person, designation of a defined deliverable, and implementation of the delegation process will be addressed. Participants will finish this workshop with a draft delegation action plan.

Greg Enos, who has used delegation as a leadership tool and facilitated personal productivity programs over the last four decades, will present the workshop.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Explain at least three advantages of decisive delegation.
  • Create a draft plan for delegating at least one project within their organization.
  • Cite at least two pitfalls of poor delegation.

Preparation for the workshop requires each participant to:

  • Identify a project they can delegate to a subordinate within 30 days.
  • List at least three characteristics of their best boss.
  • Determine the biggest advantage of delegation for them personally.
  • Participants need to have at least one assigned staff member to whom they can delegate a project.

Primary Audience: Leaders, middle managers, project managers


Length: Three – Six hours