Coping with Information Overload

New technology and incredibly rapid communications connections bombard us with an overwhelming load of information, constantly challenging our brains to process it effectively. The resulting stress, frustration and confusion keeps us from planning or accomplishing priorities on schedule. Our health can be put at risk.

This workshop examines the realities of multi-tasking, considers the current research regarding interruptions/distractions, and provides proven techniques for realistically dealing with daily challenges. It complements established leadership processes for delegation, teambuilding, and personal productivity improvement.

Greg Enos, who has facilitated personal productivity programs over the last four decades, will present the workshop.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify at least three barriers to their personal productivity.
  • Produce an effective action plan to overcome information overload.
  • Explain how interruptions impact their daily work.
  • State two key findings of current brain research.

Preparation for the workshop requires each participant to:

  • Examine how multi-tasking affects their daily activities.
  • Note at least two negative factors involving information overload.
  • Be on time for the workshop.

Primary Audience: Leaders, administrative staff, knowledge workers


Length: Three hours