By Greg Enos

You can add a week of productivity to 2017 by taking a few simple steps. Ten minutes of improved work focus every day can yield big results.

Participants in my personal productivity programs commonly complain that they “don’t get enough done,” feel frustrated at the end of the day, and experience fatigue. Some report that their “head hurts” after a day filled with meetings, telephone calls and information overload.

If any of these issues affect you, ask yourself “Am I willing to invest the energy to become 10 minutes more productive every day ?”

If you save five minutes each morning and five minutes each afternoon as part of every work day, you will end up with the equivalent of a 40 hour week of productivity. Consider how much this amount of time would reduce your frustration and fatigue.

Take these simple steps to increase your personal productivity.

Write down your top three priorities before the start of each work day and commit to accomplishing a minimum of at least one priority every day.

Process a limited amount of information that bombards you every day. Do not read everything; focus on information that helps your accomplish your priorities.

Reduce interruptions. Turn down the volume con communications devices. Create a work environment that allows you to concentrate when you need to.

Limit visits to your email in box. Compulsive checking reduces your effectiveness.

You can have the additional week of productivity for a small investment of your energy. The returns can be astounding !

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